Update 9 March

There’s a Beelzebub puzzle new on the site this time round.  It’s a PDF of the published puzzle again – things are a bit hectic at the moment, due to preparations for a holiday.  We don’t want the house-sitter having kittens (they have eight cats to look after as it is).

Yes, the next couple of updates will be a little different, as I’m away from my machine on a bit of a jaunt.  This means I won’t have access to my back catalogue to provide puzzles.  I will be attending a blogworthy event or two, so I’ll certainly be mentioning them.  And there’s a setter’s blog to go up for a puzzle that hasn’t actually appeared yet – keep your eye out for next Saturday’s Independent Inquisitor puzzle, the blog will follow a couple of weeks later.  I also have a couple of posts of a more general cruciverbal nature, which I’m intending to work on while travelling.  So, differently active, rather than inactive – keep reading.

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