Update 27 June

Well, it’s been a bit of a week.  Marjorie was knocked off her motorbike last Friday (19th June) and now has a compound fracture of her left tibia and fibula (or tib-fib, as a very bustling nurse said to me – it seems to be the commonest compound fracture, and therefore qualifies for an abbreviation).  So the week has been filled with insurance claims and police visits and particularly practising with crutches.  We haven’t had any major disasters yet, but she does get very tired.  She’s glad to be at home (she hates hospitals) even if it does mean being exposed to my cooking.  She’s already back blogging at dashkitten.com (in fact, she’s got the crossword below up before me!).

The accident was a case of a car pulling out from a junction and giving her no chance to avoid him (it was a stinking wet night in addition).  The driver of the other vehicle stayed at the scene, I’m pleased to say, and is, from what the police tell us, very distraught.  It does seem to be just careless driving.  Next month there’s a court case, so we’ll see what transpires.

I am planning to attach the following to her plastered leg, though I may wait and see whether they change the cast at the outpatients appointment this coming Friday.



1 Discarded actors (4)

2 A capital orchestra as well (4)

3 Observe place for bishop (3)

4 Ready to keep nothing back for parts of limb (4)

Possibly with an arrow pointing downwards, of course.  (No, no link to a solution – come on…)

It was just as well this update was using a puzzle I found in almost complete form on my computer.  No idea why this particular Independent Inquisitor puzzle from 2011 hadn’t been deleted to retain space, but there it was, and needing relatively little to make it website-friendly.

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