Update 12 July

This time the puzzle is a personal favourite from the Independent in 2012.

I have spent a little time over the past few weeks testing out an app called JUMBL, which is produced by a company called Cubi.  (NB I’ve linked to the US iPad app store page, but it is available on the UK equivalent as well.)  It’s now available as a free app, but there are in-store purchases for certain things.

I’ve certainly found it addictive, because it is a very convenient way to fill in an odd few moments, which becomes an odd several moments as you clearly can’t not try the next level having succeeded at the current one.  It does test your knowledge of word patterns.  For obvious reasons, the vocabulary is not pitched at Listener crossword level (I suspect the game might be effectively impossible if it was), but if the words are familiar then you’re forced to think in a slightly different direction.  Several times I’ve confidently entered COAX being absolutely sure there wasn’t another 4-letter word ending _OAX.  I’ve concentrated on the basic game (which is the one that attracts most on the ‘odd moment’ principle) and have a couple of times managed to complete the top level there, sneaking past 400 points both times.  It’s well worth your attention.


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