The Blogpaws Conference

Here we are in sunny (at times relentlessly sunny) Phoenix, Arizona, sat in direct line of the air-conditioning to offset the dawn heat (30C – it never even reaches 30C in Wellington).  Last day of the conference today, and I’m picking up some ideas to implement over the next few posts.

It’s an eclectic bunch at the conference, mostly female, mostly dogs.  This doesn’t quite, I think, proportionately represent pet ownership in the US, but I think Blogpaws started out on the dog side of things.  One lady brought her ferrets, and they are the reason the conference never goes to California (apparently ferrets are banned there) – next year it’s Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Plenty of costumes (dogs and people) and quite a bit of ‘trade’, revealing a variety of things we never hear about in New Zealand.  Marjorie will be blogging away about things for months.

Memorable hazard: striding out of the lift straight into a 7-foot walking dog biscuit, which (who?) was being guided along by a pleasant lady because (as far as I could see) the costume had no eyeholes.  S/he/it turned up at a trade stall later, and people posed for photographs with a blind dog biscuit.

Enough for now, back with some crossword-related stuff when I amass a bit more.  Here’s a few pictures:


At our first hotel, the Saguaro, Scottsdale.  That, I think, is a saguaro cactus behind us.  I hope I don’t give too much away in advance if I note that it’s a bu**er to clue.


Old town Scottsdale


Behind the Saguaro is the local contemporary art museum, which has this familiar symbol in its collection.


Sunset from our Phoenix hotel window (plus annoying lens effect)


Hotel architecture


Another cactus (or possibly two)

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