A brief update (July 27)

Just to augment Sunday’s post: there will be an IQ on 6 August swiftly followed by an EV the next day. Non-devotees of the blog may wish to take cover, while also avoiding the August issue of The Magpie.  At least all three of my pseudonyms will get an airing in short order.

Also a follow-up to last Friday’s Independent puzzle which celebrated the stage act Wilson, Keppel and Betty.  This was because I had read Too Naked for the NazisAlan Stafford’s biography of the trio.  The book won the award for 2015’s oddest title but it’s a perfectly fine addition to theatrical lore, and a reminder quite how long these vaudevillian acts persisted.

Mr Stafford has been in touch (always one of the unexpected pleasures in setting puzzles when that happens), and has revealed himself to have “form” in Listener crossword terms: he is Convar from the class of 1982.  So you have no excuse not to buy the book!

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