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As I was saying before the interruption, we’re on new servers with additional storage.  What quite happened as we pointed various key things (technical term) at these servers I don’t know.  The immediate outcome was that my main machine kept getting 404 and 500 errors when trying to access the site (and Marjorie’s sites).  Likewise Marjorie’s Mac couldn’t get access either.  Smartphone – no problem; iPad – straight in; everyone else on the Web – welcome.  Just not the machines we use regularly.  

In trying to sort it out we jiggered the router (more technical terms) and lost access to the Net entirely.  So we hauled in an expert and he got the Net back, and professed himself baffled by the 500 and 404 errors.  A couple of days later he came back, did something he couldn’t promise to do again as he wasn’t sure what it was, and here I am.  The Mac hasn’t quite got full access back even now, and we think that means there’s a cache still unemptied.  But the caches on my laptop are drained dry: I have apparently only just started using my machine, have only been visiting the web for a week or so, and I’ve also lost my screen wallpaper.

And my post from mid-February, which I’m sure was cogent and unmissable, if only I could remember what it was.  So today feels like a bit like a fresh start, and I’m taking things relatively easily with an old Independent daily as the new puzzle.  I did manage to put up a blog about my recent Inquisitor Bookshelf earlier in the week, so do have a look at that as well.  This means, of course, that you won’t get me providing an IQ on 1 April, though I can’t imagine the good folks on the editorial team will pass up that opportunity.  Instead you will get me the day after in the Enigmatic Variations slot in the Sunday Telegraph – a further reminder about that next time.  I suspect there might be a Toughie in the offing as well, so keep checking for Kcit there as well.

We do need our extra storage, given all the material Marjorie is putting up over at her Dash Kitten site.  And it’s paying off.  Last year we went to the Blogpaws conference in Phoenix, Arizona (got the T-shirt – in fact, wearing the T-shirt) and this year she’s on the list of nominees for the conference awards.  Twice, no less.  In the case of the video nomination, you are at least spared the sight of me chasing a duckling along our stream, but it did lead to a fascinating trip to the bird rescue centre.  We can’t get to the conference this year (the venue seems to be four flights plus a two-hour drive away), but it is live-streamed, so we will be there in spirit.

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