The end of the weekend draws nigh…

…and I have spent odd moments wondering what I can write this time.  And little has come to mind.

So, in brief, the new puzzle is an old Inquisitor from 1990 (one I am still rather amazed at regarding its amount of thematic content).  I did mention this one a while back as another example of capturing a musical form in a crossword, so you can have a look at it now.

There’s a Times Cryptic on Tuesday 13 June.  If there’s a Toughie in the offing I have yet to hear, so keep your eyes peeled for a Kcit at the Telegraph puzzle site.

The Listener date – confirmed as always subject to very occasional last-minute changes – is August 5, though before that there’s an Enigmatic Variations puzzle on July 2.  Something tells me there might be something special going on around Inquisitor 1500 later in July as well, though I’m trying to keep much of that secret from myself as well (one has to have something to look forward to).


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