A quiet weekend

Monday saw me hurl myself against a wall, gashing my forehead, blacking my eye and wrecking my spectacles.  I’m having a little trouble with the old emergency pair (not a dramatically different prescription, but a different lens shape for the varifocals which is proving hard to adjust back to (and naturally I don’t actually want to)).  So not much update this week.

The new puzzle is the sixth unpublished Beelzebub in my stock, and I’ve also taken the opportunity to actually activate the link to its predecessor.

There are Times puzzles from me on the next two Wednesdays (a daily on the 6th and a quick cryptic on the 13th), but September is otherwise quiet.  Earlier this week I put up a setter’s blog on my recent IQ Small Amounts.  Another recent setter’s blog covers my Listener puzzle, Squares.

A few weeks ago I had an idea for what I think may be a new Listener puzzle, and I put it aside to mull.  Shortly afterwards I had a one-day head-cold.  When I didn’t set to regarding the puzzle on that day, I was rewarded with six days off with ‘flu.  When I still prevaricated, Fate threw me at a wall.  Enough already – I’ve gridded the thing.

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