A repetitive weekend

When your ISP suddenly decides to stop their email service because they’re being inundated with spam, and recommends transferring to Google or Microsoft, then there’s a bit of fallout around telling everyone.  And it’s also a bit repetitive.  ‘Update your Preferences’ here and ‘Edit your Profile’ there and, surprisingly often, just ‘Unsubscribe’, with no apparent option to continue.  While my ISP has promised to continue forwarding emails (presumably if spam permits – they’ve made themselves even more of a target now), it’s not a very reliable way of ensuring continued dissemination of promotional material.  Still it’s allowed me to jettison a few of the more tedious ones (so tedious it was easier to press ‘delete’ than ‘unsubscribe’).

There have been one or two (Naxos CDs and kikki-k stationery stand out) who have had staff on their Customer Service lines over the weekend to help out, replying within an hour.  Whitcoulls, on the other hand, might get round to things in five days or so, National Geographic in ten.  And I’ve had a nice reminder that, in an email, no-one knows your tongue is in your cheek (won’t say who that was).

For what it’s worth, then, my new email is phixwd at gmail dot com.  Which is shorter than the surname-based one.  Please update any lists you may have.  Back next weekend with a puzzle.

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