After the break…

Well, sorry about that.  We’ve been getting some decent weather and a fortnight ago the weekend was swallowed up by gardening.  Nearly happened again this weekend, but here we are at last. 

The puzzle this time is one from the Inquisitor series in 1998 – looking through the list for that year, I was intrigued to see one with a date (very close to an exact centenary) and wondered what was the reasoning behind that.  It turned out to be a type of puzzle I haven’t attempted often, where the numbers of specific entries are relevant.  Indeed, previous attempts have been collaborations, where I’d conned D G Tallis into doing the hard work.  So I was pleased to see that I’d made a reasonably good fist of it when setting myself the task.  Maybe I’ll have another go.

October is quiet from the point of view of puzzles outside the usual Friday Independent appearances.  But there’s a Toughie on Wednesday 18th to break the pattern.

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