By a whisker…

Actually, Whskr is the other half’s monicker, though she’s doing most of her work under Dash Kitten at present.  The whisker in question is represented by the time on Sunday night (NZ time, that is) before I have managed to get round to putting anything up.  Blame a real stunner of a Saturday, and a Sunday trip to the annual pet expo (plus rescuing a rhododendron from the attentions of some rather aggressive grass).

What you have is a Church Times puzzle from 1998 – something of a departure from the usual fare there, as well – go and have a look.

In addition, there has been a flurry of crosswords being completed and sent to editors (with one still awaiting typing up) followed by the usual work to fill another grid for the next one (can’t leave it too long or the memo to do so gets lost…).  And if it’s a thematic of any kind, there’s the agonising wait for an idea to strike…

Ideas have already struck sufficiently for there to be a Times puzzle coming up on 31 October, and its quick cousin exactly a week later.  Otherwise it’s Phiday as usual in The Independent, of course.

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