Better late than never…

Being on holiday seems to result in less time to do things, so this is a day late.  I have found myself working through a welter of completed puzzles requiring typing up and sending on to various editors, and I always worry about them getting lost in the ‘to-do’ pile.  There’s an IQ just one clue off completion as I speak, so the problem has yet to depart entirely.

This time round the new puzzle is one from the BBC Music Magazine in 1999.  I settled on the BBC Music Magazine for no stronger reason than having just finished the puzzle for the March 2018 edition – or 3/18, of course.  That puzzle will be numbered 318, so it seemed as good a hint as any.  By delaying a day I am typing this on the palindromic 8/1/18 as well – of such little things are decisions made.

A Telegraph Toughie snuck by between updates, but I can alert you to a Church Times puzzle coming up on 12 January, and an Enigmatic Variations puzzle called Uncommon Happiness (quite tough, I think) in the Sunday Telegraph on 14 January.

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