The calm before the storm

We have an ex-tropical cyclone level 2 coming through on Monday (or perhaps Tuesday or even Wednesday).  In its pre-retirement phase as a real tropical cyclone, it did a fair amount of damage to some of the Pacific Islands, and there’s some concern about what it might do even in its attenuated state.

It would be nice if the preceding calm was actually calm, but today there’s a tremendous breeze and sudden showers that soak you to the skin when you rush to get the washing in (there’s plenty of sun around as well).  So a quick retreat to the computer and get a web post up and some puzzles off to editors.

This time the puzzle is another of the remaining Beelzebub crosswords, completed before the puzzle’s demise (still a few to go!).

I don’t think there are clues in it that will result in this scenario.

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