Another hasty post

The weather here continues to be (mostly – the odd ex-cyclone apart) splendid as we move into autumn, with several plants gearing up for a second crop.  Having received an out-of-office email from a BBC Accounts department who had gone home because of the snow, I do realise this is not the case everywhere.

We have in fact done a bit of preparation for cooler weather, while at the same time clearing the stream for a second time this summer (lots of good compost).  Which leaves a pleasant ache as you sit out enjoying the still-warm evening, listening to the birds.  After which you suddenly realise there’s a puzzle to be got up.

Listening to, but not seeing the birds.  So here’s an Invisible Wren from the Enigmatic Variations stable.  Glancing through my list of puzzles, it leapt out as an implausible title, and having scanned it, I’m somewhat at a loss for how I tumbled to the quotation.  It was also quite a concise puzzle – relatively few clues, but a monster preamble to make up for it.  But the length of the preamble is quantity rather than complexity, I hope.  And while I say it as shouldn’t, I was rather pleased with the clues.

March is going to be a quiet month, though in the run-up to my next post you will get a little sequence of a Times Pedro puzzle (15 March), a Church Times puzzle (16 March) and an Inquisitor (17 March).

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