Slipping a week

Sorry about missing last week.  A family bereavement threw things out of joint, though we are more or less back on an even keel now.  Just in time, in fact, to be thrown back on to an odd keel, as we have an overseas trip coming up.  Kansas City this time, for another Blogpaws conference.  This time Marjorie is up for three awards, so it will be a tense dinner on the Friday.  If I can squeeze an update in on the weekend of 21/22 April, it will probably be about that as much as crosswords.

The puzzle this time is an early one from BBC Music Magazine.   My thanks to them for permission to reuse – do keep checking the issues for more recent examples, as well as free CDs.  The re-design of the magazine has treated the crossword rather well, I think.

There are a couple of puzzles coming up before my next update: the Crossword Club has one in its April issue, while the Times crossword on Easter Monday is also mine.  If you solved Unsatisfying in the IQ series a week or so ago, the setter’s blog on that puzzle will appear over the Easter weekend, assuming I get round to writing it…

Easter is also when I will be finalising this year’s APEX contest, with the closing date falling on Easter Saturday.  I have previously been inclined to extend things a few days, but the adjacent public holiday and the imminent trip to America mean I will be tidying things up promptly this year (perhaps I’ll be more lax again in 2019).  So if there’s any of the regulars reading this out there who hasn’t voted, now is your chance.   The puzzle itself, and news of the winning clues, will be appearing on the site in May sometime.

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