Revisiting a puzzle

My approach to finding puzzles to use here has been to select one of my box-files covering a given period and select a few puzzles from different outlets over a few weeks.  It saves me having to heft too many box-files around too often.  I think I shall abandon the 1998 box after this puzzle as it seems I keep finding it again.  Something 21st century next.

It’s a good reminder, however, of how much you need reminding.  Do I recall ever setting the IQ puzzle I’ve put up this week (Algebra)?  Not remotely, but I’m actually quite pleased with it.  It manages a fairly sizable amount of thematic material in a reasonably standard 12×12 grid.  And the vocabulary is also surprisingly ‘standard’ – not many words that you wouldn’t find in an everyday puzzle.  (Indeed – digression here – I’m surprised how often definition-only puzzles, with substantial checking end up with things like ELEMI.)

The clues also struck me as friendly, though I’m generally hopeless at assessing that.  But I’d happily recommend it as an introduction to barred thematic puzzles.

It’s also a numerical of sorts – probably about as near as you’re going to get for an IQ numerical puzzle, given the IQ editor’s comments the other week.  In the weekend when The Listener has its quarterly numerical, it seems a good idea to have one that shows how words and numbers can coexist.

There’s a Kcit Toughie coming up next Wednesday (23 May).

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