The APEX 2017 puzzle

As promised, this week sees the annual appearance of the Apex 2017 puzzle, along with the winning clues (on the solution page).  I hope you enjoy it.

A brief note on New Zealand car registrations.  There is a much more scholarly article to be produced, but a basic outline is as follows.  Cars are allowed up to six characters (motorcycles and trailers only five) and if you wish you can personalise them.  So the other half has WHSKR on her motorbike, for reasons you can find elsewhere on the site.  And of course there’s 

And we’re still running nicely ten years on, despite encounters with PS1CHO and NASTY1.  Things cruciverbal make few appearances here, but we were amused to spot the one below in an Upper Hutt carpark

Given that you can’t have the seventh letter, this seems to be as close as you can get – no?

Some slight changes in schedule with a Saturday Independent appearance on 12 May (nothing in my puzzle, so I’d keep an eye on Friday’s if I were you).  Before that an appearance in The Times on 8 May, with the next Times Quick Cryptic sneaking in on 18 May before the next website update.

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