APEX results time

A quick post today so that I can get on with the task of wrestling a large results spreadsheet on to A4 without unnaturally diminishing the font size.  Yes, we can declare a winner, and any readers who are among the circulation list should be receiving notification shortly, if they have not already done so.  The 2018 puzzle will be up on the site at the next-but-one update to allow for all notifications, postal and electronic, to reach their destinations.  The 2019 puzzle is under way, and a rather curious clue word it is too.

For this update we have an Enigmatic Variations puzzle from 2013, capitolising on a curiosity I stumbled across.

There’s a Kcit Toughie coming up on April 11 and, in case I don’t get around to updating the site till later on Easter weekend, there’s a Listener (but by Phibre) on Easter Saturday.  Otherwise the Friday Independent puzzles continue as usual.  However, the commenter on fifteensquared who was slightly disappointed at the regularity of my Friday appearances may not be so disappointed later in the year. Keep a watch here for the dates.

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