Back in the saddle

Surprising how easy it is to get out of the habit of something.  I had the machine more or less back in action last week, but couldn’t quite squeeze in the calendared update.  So there’s been a three week gap, and there’ll be another (to the weekend of 13/14 July) to keep the updates away from other regular busy weekends.  I’ve put up an unpublished Beelzebub crossword to mark my return.  (Still one in stock!)

I hope you are enjoying Inquisitor 1600 in the i of 22 June.  A second collaboration for SPINK but the passing of Schadenfreude as the S, further appearances can’t be guaranteed.  Admittedly PINK is still a word, of course…

There is a Pedro in the Times Quick Cryptic series on July 10, and I anticipate a Kcit Toughie early in the month, but it may be of interest also to note that Phi will not be appearing on Fridays in July, though it’s still once a week (as long as you start your weeks on Sundays).  A sort of overarching theme will emerge (at least if you discount the first appearance on 2 July).  Normal Friday service resumed in August.

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