Apex 2002 solution



The central character (in bold below) was ERIC CHALKLEY himself.


B E G      32/6       (G)IROSOL; or (rev.) in anag; TOP(B)OOT; too pot (all rev.)

A R M      31/10    (M)ARTIN; Ar tin; (A)RROYO; y in r r O O

T I P      13/29    RA(T)LINE; anag; (P)ONTIFF; on tiff

A C T      14/27    BL(A)MEWORTHY; B + w in anag; MA(T)RILINEAR; anag.

I C E      25/16    R(E)MIGAT(E); MiG in rat; FR(I)EZES; fre(E)zes

W H Y      17/21    SCRE(W) NAIL; anag; AURORALL(Y); a U r oral l



M A D      24/1       LUR(D)ANS; ran in lus(t); ARABIS(M); rabi in as

I L L      3/23       FOAM(I)ER; f + anag; A(L)BERTI; B in anag.

S K Y      22/4       OLIVAR(Y); (b)olivar; COB(S)WAN; cob wan

A L E      15/6       B(E)AUTIFUL; anag. – t; TERR(A) FIRM(A); t err firm

Y E T      7/12       POL(Y)HEDRONS; anag; (T)HEREAGAINS(T); here again + s

B Y E      8/26       (B)OUNCE; 2 mngs; M(E)UNI(E)R(E); anag.



1             AFFECT; a ff ECT; insane = MAD (1/24d)

11           AEROBUS; bore (rev.) in AUS; incompetent = ILL (3/23d)

18           DREE; d ree; blue = SKY (4/22d)

20           ASIA; S in A1 a; question = WHY (17/21a)

30           SIGNEUR; anag. + R; performance = ACT (14/27a)

33           ARTICS; it (rev.) in arcs; request = BEG (6/32a)



2             FROLICS; r in folic’s; beer = ALE (6/15d)

5             TARO; hidden; dump = TIP (13/29a)

9             TSETSE; sets in T,e; still = YET (7/12d)

19           ELLAGIC; anag. + c; extra = BYE (8/26d)

20           ARIOSI; ari(d) + I so (rev.); power = ARM (10/31a)

28           LYRA; aryl (rev.); methamphetamine = ICE (16/25a)

The winning clues to ERIC CHALKLEY were:


New year, check list, blimey, no end of joy: it’s ____ _______ MBE!

(comp. anag. & lit; Kevin McDermid; Eric was awarded the MBE in the New Year’s Honours list for 2003)

2nd equal

Fine fellow – “Apex” of Listener (it’s vital to include that!)

(eric + chal + L in key & lit; Richard Morse)

Mostly chicken in pie with really crinkly chips

(anag; Tim Moorey; outside crosswords Eric was a carpenter)

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