Apex 2003


The Path by Phi

Starting at 20, a quotation runs in a continuous path via 17, 1, 8, 26, 25, 41 and 40 to 18, and is completed by the clued 3 down, after the omission of a possibly appropriate word.

Eight clues are single – their subsidiary indications include reference to an extra letter not entered in the grid: these extra letters, in order, provide the author’s surname.  Other clues are double, for diametrically opposite entries: two clues run together, either coming first, separated by a single word.  Initial letters of these words spell the title of the source (minus a definite article) plus the initial of the author’s forename.

Solvers were asked to submit a clue to the word omitted from the quotation.



9/42       Quantities of money, millions backing hospital here from Scots support? Not millions (4;4)

10           Group rejected most recent magnetic units (6)

12/38    Mechanical creature had a display ground opposite piece of spinning machinery, depicted by middle of fun poem (5;5)

13/37    A letter from the Spanish nobleman once unleashed excessive love and scent? (4;4)

14/33    Mast of boat finally repositioned furthest back – now Noah’s at sea with new one, thank God!  (7;7)

16/32    Protection for throat: mark of wound following deadly weapon’s second ‘hint’ (5;5)

21/29    Lecture, one identifying Malay script on trip to ancient city (4;4)

23/28    Temples mostly quiet, with student entering, finding girl around the models (5;5)

27           Small dwelling, a dull thing, regressive as home for giants  (6)

30           Prickly shrub covering centre of steep old step (5)

43           Assessor turning somersaults around broadcaster (12, 2 words)



2/36       Well! English divine hardly aware of old Biblical books? Nothing to be added (4;4, 2 words)

3/35       Audibly assesses methods English astronomer deployed in Scorpio or Taurus (4;4)

4/34       Return of some huge Triassic lizard, appeased, but swallowing a marsupial (4;4)

5/39       A divine to put more in vicar’s supplement, by the sound of it? Surprised cry results (3;3)

6/24       Heads of savings rejected a direct debit in this year, offering everyone a savings scheme almost entirely in normal fashion (7; 7, 2 words)

7/19       Dicky lays in delicacy to influence Nell – grubs endlessly grown wild in chimneys (8;8)

10           Quantity of beer, say, swallowed by ruffian in shades (6)

11           Stone harbours and roads (7)

15/22    Advanced force left all joint channels full – supply new weapons to foster morale, initially (5;5)

27           Open house, though not at first inviting in new chap (6)

31           Lower number (5)






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