Apex 2003 solution


The quotation was: I fled him down the arches of the years; I fled him down the [labyrinthine] ways from {The] Hound of Heaven by F(rancis) THOMPSON.



9/42       MNAS/FRAE; m + san (rev.); fra(m)e; Here

10           TESLAS; set (rev.) + lasT

12/38    HAIKU/DALEK; haik u; ‘d a lek; Opposite

37/13    EORL/OTTO; e or l; OTT 0; Unleashed

33/14    AFTMOST/HOSANNA; anag. inc. t; anag. + n a; Now

16/32    SCARF/SWORD; scar f; s word; Deadly

29/21    JAWI/TOUR; jaw I; to Ur; On

23/28    SHULS/LASTS; l in shus(h); t in lass; Finding

27           UTGARD; Hut + drag (rev.)

30           GRESE; e in gOrse

43           LOSS ADJUSTER; DJ in anag. (inc. M)



36/2       SPAE/ON TO; spa E; o NT 0; Hardly

3/35       WAYS/OORT; ‘weighs’; hidden; English

34/4       TEGU/TUAN; hidden rev; a in tun; Appeased

39/5       ADD/EEK; a DD; ‘eke’; Vicar’s

24/6       SRADDHA/AS USUAL; s r a D/D ha; a susu al(l); Everyone

7/19       CATALYSE/LUGWORMS; anag. in cate; anag. in lums; Nell

10           TINTED; Pint in Ted

11           STREETS; st reSets

15/22    AFLAJ/REARM; A F l a’ J; rear m; Full

27           UNSEAL; n in (h)Ouse + Al

31           ETHER; Nether

The winning clues to LABYRINTHINE were:


With Blair in the wrong about Kelly’s end, Hutton’s conclusion is perplexing

(y in anag. inc. n; Jeff Aronson)


Fiendishly complicated…? Almost any blithering idiot can clue it(anag. – g; Alan Japp)


Like the place where Theseus was trapped and then, brainily, got out

(anag; Mike Freeman)


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