Apex 2004

 Seasonal Cheer  by Phi


Clues are of six types: 1 Normal cryptic (10 clues); 2 Printer’s Devilry (6 clues); 3 Wrong Number (4 clues, all to answers of the same length); 4 Letters Latent (6 clues); 5 Misprints (in definitions of 6 clues); 6 Playfair (4 answers to normal clues).  Solvers should enter the word formed by the latent letters in the top row of the smaller grid, the word formed by the correct letters in misprinted definitions in the second row, and the Playfair code phrase (a title formed from 2 six-letter words) in the bottom two rows.  Letters in shaded squares, starting with that in square 1, can then be arranged to form the word to be clued.



1          Charge account: standard, but not socially acceptable (7)

7          We wouldn’t dream of rowing with oar, father (4)

10        Chap taken aback, transfixed by a seizure (4)

11        After sedative, agitated student could be coed (6)

13        The Wagnerian is appearing in curious opera (historic piece) (8)

14        Scots personal, one about love, reflecting singular obsession (7)

15        Misguided virtue mainly leaves you in thoughtful mood (12)

17        Article penned by uncommon sage representative of wisdom (6)

18        Misbehaves? A court matter, on reflection (6, 2 words)

19        Vehicle not initially risk-free for hitcher? (6)

21        Scoundrel about to desert drink (6)

23        Rotors, involved with ‘green’ energy? (12)

27        Cup pose may be enjoyed by water-lovers (7)

28        Old windbag, retreating, in difficulty in battle (8)

29        Smear underside with gold and blue, initially (6)

30        Just good friends? Married at end of July! (4)

31        Reject parking in Scottish enclosure (4)

32        Shops are almost encroaching into the rocky sands (7)




1          Do you mean Oxford ill, Ian, or some other fossilised zone? (6)

2          Cornet’s opening ring-shaped, like tubas (8)

3          Award mapmakers, getting drivers’ group on rebound? (5)

4          Mining fortunes, as in such as Cornwall? (12)

5          Special brew in a University mug before start of examination (7, 2 words)

6          No major thoroughfares, so ace drivers should be disciplined (12, 2 words)

7          Orly arrival at Charles de Gaulle meant our French hosts weren’t there (4)

8          Duke’s distress call? The elevated kind (4)

9          Reindeer had to tuck into meal when served up (6)

12        Caparisoned bald eagles initially occupying perch (5)

16        Washed out judge holding court case mostly to time (8)

18        Mistress’ welcoming attitude mid-upset (7)

19        Sounded like donkey raised around a yard (6)

20        Birds enswathed in other nests (5)

22        Tries, for example, to get into leading character in Shakespeare (6)

24        O to be following soldiers up, breaking through about 1000 cannon (5)

25        A ballet item? No time, not in life in Edinburgh (4)

26        Good hearing, up to mark? (5)

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