Apex 2004 solution



The word to be clued was HOGMANAY (not MAHOGANY!).


1          ACCUSAL; acc us(U)al; normal

7          URDE; o/ar

10        NAAM; a in man (rev.)

11        MEREST; co/ed

13        PADERERO; der in anag.

14        (M)ONO(M)ANIA; ain a on 0 (all rev.)

15        RUMINATIVELY; anag.

17        GANESA; an in anag.

18        ACTS UP; a Ct + pus (rev.)

19        CARAFE; car (s)afe; Pitcher

21        CRATUR; rat in cur

23        (A)EROGENER(A)TORS; anag. & lit.

27        ANOESIS; C/up

28        JEROBOAM; o bore (rev.) in jam; bOttle

29        BEDAUB; bed Au b

30        MATY; m at y

31        REPE(L); P in ree

32        NASARDS; ar(e) in anag; sTops



1          ANCORA; i/ll

2          CANNULAR; c annular; tubEs

3          CAROM; clue to OSCAR: OS + RAC (rev.); rebound = CAROM

4          STANNIFEROUS; anag.

5          AUDI(T) ALE; a U dial e

6          SERVICE ROADS; anag.

7          UREA; O/rly

8          DSOS; D SOS; kinE

9          RUDOLF; ‘d in flour (rev.)

12        ERNES; clue to ROBED; b,e in rod; eagles = ERNES

16        (E)LUTRIAT(E)D; tria(l) t in lud

18        ADENOMA; m/id

19        BRAYED; a y in bred

20        ROBED; clue to ERNES; hidden; enswathed = ROBED

22        ESSAYS; say in ess

24        OSCAR; clue to CAROM; RA (rev.) + O in c M; O = OSCAR

25        AJEE; a je(t)e; liNe

26        GRA(D)E; g + ear (rev.)

The winning clues to HOGMANAY were:


New Year’s Eve may start with moderation, but ends with a good many drunk

(ho + anag. inc. g; Richard Morse)


It sees the demolishing of mony a haggis – not half!

(anag. – gis; Roy Dean)

3rd equal

Feast one keeps in minutes before New Year

(hog + a in m a n y & lit; Ross Beresford)

Strong liquor Mac’s into before start of year?

(M in hogan + a + y & lit; Chris Brougham)

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