Apex 2005

Revelatory Transposition by Phi


Where there are two words in a row or column, one entry loses a single letter, which appears at a checked place in the other.  The wordplay for these clues refers to the entry while definitions and lengths refer to the original words.  Other clues are normal.  In row (top to bottom) then column (left to right) order, the shifted letters spell out a two-word phrase.


1          Worthless Society uproar (6)

5          Judge Roman deity to have openings for torrid sex-laden excursions (6)

11        Fairground ride – a certain thing to draw in English blokes (9)

12        Agitation not linked to woman in legal case (7)

13        It’s provided in local, regularly! (3)

15        Like many a bus, departs after picking up daughter when required (8, 2 words)

16        Skill, a valuable thing, not sure to be recalled (4)

18        Radiobiologist limiting thallium on a large scale (7)

20        American tortured secretly (8, 2 words)

23        Simpleton after marijuana is a stirrer (8)

25        Journalistic profession regrets blocking additional piece of news? (6)

26        Cauterised this month (5)

27        Setter brought in single round on return – he likes his drink (8)

30        One tucks into trifle now (5)

31        Military assistant bowled over by charge is in tropical tree (6)

32        Comparatively hoarse – the roar’s affected with it (9)

33        Property delay for some Londoners (7)

34        Scottish regiment, say – retreat not about to go wrong (6)


1          Basket material business mostly secured by artist (7)

2          Flavouring combined with first of ingredients (5)

3          European Parliament in a situation without any divisive material? (8)

4          Big old men from Spain and France? (6)

6          Almost sensed discomfiture of guard with uniform’s colour (8)

7          Heathy plain, mostly mountainous region (5)

8          Exaggerate name from recent times? Not at first (6)

9          Release acts, including John – theatre’s closing (9, 2 words)

10        Fleet rather shabby (6)

14        One avoiding unease over romping of a sexual nature (9)

17        This tree may be pulped to make clothing item (8, 2 words)

19        H, in the aspect of Hook? (8)

21        Pipes are not apparent on Royal Academy (7)

22        Series of questions curtailed about hospital set up? As if (6)

24        Former Egyptian leader covering US lawyer in tar? (6)

25        Refuse a short time in post (5)

28        Former governor raised a fortune (4)

29        Mistake to laugh in Parisian upset (4)



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