Apex 2005 solution

The transposed letters spelled FREUDIAN SLIP.


1 (F)RACAS; raca S

5 J(F)AUNTS; J faun t,s

11 AMUSEMENT; E men in a must

12 FE(R)MENT; feme n’t

13 AL(R)E; hidden & lit.

15 ON DEMAND; d in one-man d

16 A(E)RT; trea(sure) (rev.)

18 GR(E)ATLY; Tl in Gray

20 IN CAMERA; anag.

23 TEASPOON; tea spoon

25 PR(U)ESS; rues in PS

26 IN(U)ST; 2 mngs.

27 OENOPHIL; Phi in lone O (rev.)

30 TO(D)AY; a in toy

31 C(D)ARAP; ADC (rev.) + rap

32 THROATIER; anag.

33 ES(I)TATE; ‘esitate

34 TERT(I)A; anag. – re


1 RAFF(A)IA; affai(r) in RA

2 CUMI(N); cum i

3 ASEPTATE; EP in a state

4 (S)ENORM; Senor M

6 FELDGRAU; fel(t) + anag.

7 (L)ANDE; Ande(s)

8 (I)NFLATE; n + (o)f late

9 TURN LOOSE; loo in turns + e

10 S(P)EEDY; 2 mngs.

14 VENEREOUS; anag. – a

17 TEE SHIRT; anag.

19 ASPIRATE; as pirate

21 ANTA(P)RA; a’n’t ap RA

22 QU(N)ASI; san (rev.) in qui(z)

24 SA(L)DAT; DA in salt

25 POT-(A)LE; t in pole

28 PA(S)HA; a hap (rev.)

29 ER(I)R; rire (rev.)

The winning clues to FREUDIAN SLIP were:


Frail undies come undone with a bit of pulling, revealing boob

(anag. + p; Richard Heald)


Fault, inspired carelessly, giving away hint of thought

(anag. – t & lit; Colin Gumbrell)


Failure in terms of pent-up feelings blurted out

(anag. inc. p,s,d & lit; Tim Moorey)
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