Apex 2006


A Time to Remember by Phi

From the answer to each clue, one letter is omitted, however often it occurs, to form the grid entry.  Clues refer by definition to the full answer, by subsidiary indication to the grid entry.  Omitted letters in clue order spell out a quotation missing its final word.  (This was the word to which solvers were to submit a clue.)

There was also a bonus puzzle this year – see the link at the bottom.


1             Wine – scoundrel almost overturned it (8)

7             Limits to bilateral contacts for national groups (5)

11           Hollow cry stifled during offence by soldier with working firearm (12)

13           More than one area of influence is about fashion, on reflection (8)

14           Cup games involving Saints in several cups (7)

16           School punishment to hold us back (6)

17           Extinct creature: endless charm about it (8)

18           Head of museum runs V&A showing fibre (5)

19           Comment from rabbit had put cow out of sorts (10, 3 words)

22           Fruit, French article consumed by the old guard mostly (10)

24           Puncture? Shot’s about right (5)

25           Guys chasing gin? They’ve nothing to follow (8, 2 words)

27           Exercises involving leader of socialists encountering Young Conservative’s life principle (6)

30           The faithless American soldier’s working for us (7)

31           English people without hint of style, according to Italian designer (7)

32           Bone infection’s nothing? Mostly hobbling, it is (13)

33           Is popular music in distress? (6)

34           Disappointments about athletic club’s records (8)



1             Some shutters I’ll draw back (6)

2             Last of dregs left in fizzy drink – typically inconvenient behaviour (7, 2 words)

3             Small boats catching zero shellfish (6)

4             Old thin man, endlessly radical about Thailand (4)

5             I nattered idly and had negotiations (10)

6             Continue to accept guineas and pence for cutlery item (8, 2 words)

8             They carry off generators, snatching last of power (8)

9             Cloudy? Poor incentives to view faint constellation (13, 2 words)

10           Whisper usually encountered during Malaysian meal (9)

12           Travelling nurse – love his hair, when styled (13, 2 words)

15           Well-versed in early English, lady accepting male terms for offensive things (10)

19           They supply cover by proxy Government in Western reservation (9)

20           Awkward clue, not quite an utter loss, makes you sore (8)

21           One cools rumour over old French company (8)

23           Brave one about to grab a drunken Aberdonian (8)

26           Check reduction in sediment reveals gravel (6)

28           Knight runs lines to get marine creatures (5)

29           Kit’s an element in side’s success (5)



2006 bonus puzzle

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