Apex 2006 bonus

To mark my first year in New Zealand I added an extra puzzle of a seasonal nature.

Kiwi icon  by Phi

Across answers are entered with the central letter misprinted, which is what is indicated in the wordplay.  Correct letters, in clue order, spell out the word that is to be clued (see larger puzzle); the misprints, with the letters already inserted, spell out the seasonal Kiwi icon at 1 down.  Down clues are normal.


2          Graft no longer – I work (3)

4          Runs very hard to see salts in India (3)

5          The substantive in English? On the contrary, a proper name (5)

7          Insect not found in Scotland’s fruit-plants (5)

8          Chemical unknown in workings of Usenet (7)

9          Seems a Doyle retrospective reveals something linked to Reichenbach? (5)

13        Navy linked to minute amount of water? Dreadful! (5)

14        Jars not savable after accident, I accepted (5)



2          Hard and satirical discussion process (5)

3          Face accepting hydrogen in hydrocarbon (5)

5          Beat up a patriotic type? (3)

6          Name a new type of bread (3)

9          Took too much? Strange (3)

10        Some of the gratitude owed to God (3)

11        One supports senior title of respect (3)

12        Maori power not carrying hint of any weight (3)



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