Apex 2006 solution


Omitted letters spelled out a quote from Pericles: FOR FAMOUS MEN HAVE THE WHOLE EARTH AS THEIR leaving MEMORIAL as the word to be clued.  APEX appears diagonally in the centre of the grid.  Eric Chalkley (aka Apex) had died earlier that year.


1          (F)RASCATI; rasca(l) + it (rev.)

7          BL(O)CS; b,l c,s

11        SHOOTING-I(R)ON; hoot in sin + GI on

13        (F)IE(F)DOMS; mode (rev.) in is

14        T(A)SSIES; SS in ties

16        PENSU(M); pen + us (rev.)

17        ALL(O)SAUR; SA in allur(e)

18        M(U)RVA; m r V A

19        WHAT(‘S) UP DOC; anag.

22        CLE(M)ENTINE; le in centine(l)

24        PI(E)RC(E); r in pic

25        MA(N)X CATS; max + cats

27        PSYC(H)E; s YC in PE

30        GI(A)OURS; G i + ours

31        (V)ERSACE; s in E race

32        OST(E)OMY(E)LITIS; 0 + anag. + it is

33        S(T)RAI(T); ‘s rai

34        S(H)ELLACS; AC in sells



1          R(E)SIL(E); hidden

2          SOD’S LA(W); s l in soda

3          CO(H)OGS; 0 in cogs

4          AT(O)MY; T in amy(l)

5          INTERDEA(L)T; I + anag.

6          (E)GG SPOON; Gs p in go on

8          (E)LOIN(E)RS; r in loins

9          C(A)NES VEN(A)TICI; c + anag.

10        SUSU(RR)ATE; usu in sate

12        HEAL(T)H VISI(T)OR; anag.

15        EUP(H)EMISMS; up in EE + m in miss

19        WR(A)PP(A)GES; pp G in W res

20        ULCEROU(S); anag. + rou(t)

21        CRYOS(T)A(T); cry o SA

23        (H)IAWAT(H)A; a wat in I a

26        CH(E)SIL; ch sil(t)

28        KR(I)LL; K r ll

29        D(R)ESS; hidden

The winning clues to MEMORIAL were:


Middle East foolishness has left in its wake a reminder of war’s victims

(ME moria l; Jonathan Crowther)


Folly in declaring finally lost the Ashes?

(moria in mel(d); Eddie Young)


You may see one immortalised in stone with this, I’d fancy

(comp. anag. & lit; Richard Heald)

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