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A Canterbury Tale  by Phi

With the exception of 32 down, entries that have two or more consecutive letters in the shaded portion of the grid have that segment jumbled.  Clues to these words (including 32d) are normal (and presented in bold); all other clues include a misprint of one letter in the definition part; correct letters spell out a relevant location.  The unclued 17 down can be identified by completing the seven shaded thematic words running across (one might be described as having lost their place).   Solvers were to submit a similarly misprinted clue to the surname of the author of 17 down.


1          Has traced out imposing seams (9)

8          Half look to a baby’s bottom for nappy (4)

11        Contributor to bad, bestial misbehaving (7)

14        Last month’s enclosure – a bill (6)

15        Have truck with rare Latin tart of Italy (7)

16        Dust – some vital clue (4)

18        Chest overturned with soak returning wine bowl (6)

19        Calm – one has a grateful response (3)

21        Fruit growing is more than enough for it (6)

22        Student heading off for dubious profitable activity (6)

23        Endless depression about one overturning water (5)

26        Now Hampshire is part of such a group? Figure almost everyone will follow (6)

27        Joe, if disposed, takes a sweet-smelling fruit (6)

29        Stretching one of the Magi? (5)

33        Difficult problems in IT? (6)

35        Very busy, taking in nothing for meal (6)

38        Worked, having menial tasks, some horrible tasks (3)

39        Copy monastic title in the company of primates (6)

41        Dogger Bank finally to come to surface mostly (4)

42        Finds few terms for dispute recalled amongst left-wingers? (7)

44        Chasing gold, takes up mile, initially, note, not sprint (6)

45        One doing a flat, the ultimate in elegance – observe around the upper part (7)

46        Gardener is seen to absorb description of Alpine lime (4)

47        Former notion analyst mostly sorted out also (9)



1          One who helps to see off scoundrel’s to perish (6)

2          Worried, chasing a clan not found in ports? (8)

3          Dupe from New York probably greeting initially rude American (5)

4          Preferred by artist, I’d a sure attachment! (7)

5          Here’s an amount of pitched warfare – cavalry cut down on both sides (3)

6          Almost 20, and with Latin male in enrapturing mood (6)

7          Limits to student prank as before – here’s one such (6)

8          This side’s developed air plane that’s dangerous (6)

9          King dines – here’s the waiter (5)

10        Quantity of soul, excellent, getting around No. 4 in charts (4)

12        Happened to old soldiers going to English lines (6)

13        Article accepted and published pointing up fantastic plate (6)

20        Something from Doddy –a really amusing Ken, for starters (4)

24        Brooked article on military vehicle overlooking power (4)

25        Dines perhaps no more – no recipe and the bill of fare lacking final items (8)

26        Malties? Latest in cereals, sugary, injures (6)

27        Indian meals ask to be cooked after equipment turns up (6)

28        How the Spanish grip a scoundrel airmen picked up (7)

30        60s glamour actress has first turned up in smalls (6)

31        Monster brought up in minimum distance (not very great) (6)

32        Pious, with twice the love?  That’s fine (6)

34        No longer cubed, die’s an eccentric (6)

36        Information about the feasts promoted by Livingstone? (5)

37        Rarely a long time bottled? (5)

40        Some gamekeeper identified as associate of Peel? (4)

43        A little tense at the brink (3)



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