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Samuel BUTLER’s Erewhon was inspired in part by his time farming in THE UPPER RANGITATA DISTRICT, CANTERBURY on New Zealand’s South Island. The title Erewhon was formed by completing the names of seven of the contributors to Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, with the Wife of Bath being deprived of her place.


1 CATHEDRAS; anag; seaTs;

8 OKAY; (lo)ok a y; Happy;

11 ASTILBE; anag; bEd;

14 DECREE; Dec. ree; bUll;

15 CARRARA; car rara; Part;

16 TALC; hidden;

18 KRATER; ark (rev.) + ret (rev.); 

19 ITA; I ta; Palm;

21 RAISIN; raisin(g);

22 EARNER; (l)earner; 

23 EVIAN; I in nave (rev.); 

26 STATAL; stat al(l); NEw;

27 FEIJOA; anag. + a; 

29 EKING; E King; 

33 TAXERS; 2 mngs; IR;

35 MANIOC; 0 in manic; 

38 ETA; hidden; workeR; 

39 APEDOM; ape Dom;

41 KRIS; k ris(e); Dagger;

42 REWORDS; row (rev.) in Reds; New;

44 AUTUMN; Au + initial letters + n; sprinG; 

45 ESCAPEE; e + cap in see; flIt;

46 RISS; hidden; Time;

47 NYASALAND; anag. – t + and; nAtion



1 CADDIE; cad die; Tee;

2 ASEPTATE; a sept ate; pArts;

3 HIRAM; hi r Am; duDe;

4 ELECTRA; elect RA; sIre;

5 REC; hidden; pitcheS; 

6 A RAVIR; ara(k) + vir;

7 STREAK; s,t + reak & lit; 

8 OURARI; our + anag; planT; 

9 KEATS; K eats; wRiter;

10 ACRE; r in ace; soIl;

12 BEFELL; BEF E ll; 

13 NARNIA; a in ran (all rev.); plaCe;

20 ARAK; initial letters; Toddy;

24 AJEE; a jee(P); Crooked;

25 NORTHMEN; no r th(e) men(u); Danes;

26 SYMARS; s,y mars; maNties;

27 TIKKAS; kit (rev.) + anag; 

28 FARRUCA; a cur RAF (rev.); Trip;

30 NIDORS; in (rev.) + Dors; smElls;

31  MICRON; orc (rev.) in min;

32 GOODLY; cf. godly; 

34 SAINED; anag; cuRed;

36 NEWTS; t’ in news; Beasts;

37 VITAL; i.e. t in vial; lUng;

40 PERI; hidden; PeeR (G&S);

43 SEA; hidden; brinY

The winning misprint clues to BUTLER were:


Man responsible for battery, vicious brute receiving term in jail

(l in anag; buttery; Richard Heald)


I make trouble, not love: what I say is invariably naughty

(anag. – 0; saw; Jeremy Morse)


Waiter breaking tumbler has money docked

(anag. – M; writer; John Grimshaw)

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