Apex 2008 solution


Letters dropped in bold; lettersadded in italics


1  SHADOW; a D in show;

5  (P)ROJECT; ROJECT; je c  in rot;

9  T(R)A(P)ILNET; TAPILNET; tap + anag. + ‘t;

11  ROS(E) DIAM(R)OND; ROSDIAMROND; maids (rev.) in ro-ro + (a)nd;

12  LAST(E); LASTE; ‘s in late;

13  ALI(C)ANTE; ALIANTE; ant in a lie;

16  P(I)L(C)AU; PLCAU; plc Au;

17  NEON LA(I)M(P); NEONLAIM; anag;

20  F(I)LM STAR(P); FLMSTARP; fl(a)ms + prat (rev.);

22  U(TI)ERI; UIERI; U i.e. r,I;

25  ROSUL(A)TE; ROSULTE; sult(an) in roe;

26  S(T)AGY; STAGY; 2 mngs;

27  SCI(A)N(T)ILLANT; SCIANILLANT; Ian ill in scant;

28  LA MANCH(TE); LAMANCH(T); Ch in lama n’t;

29  RETAIL; I in later (rev.);

30  LYT(E)HE; LYTEHE; lyte he


1  STALIN; l in stain;

2  APOSIOPESIS; I op in a pose + sis;

3  DISTEND; d is tend;

4  OLDEN; (G)olden;

5  REALTIME; anag;

6  JURAL; Jura L;

7  CENTAURY; a in century;

8  TE DEUM; e in anag;

10  NONCHALANCE; chalan in nonce;

14  MEDIOCRE; O in medic re;

15  PALATIAL; a tia in pall;

18  STATANT; stat ant;

19  BURSAR; burs a R;

21  PEYOTE; yep (rev.) + (l)ote;

23  RUANA; a in run a;

24  ISLAY; I slay

The winning clues to PRECIPITATE were:


Hail Eric’s endless appetite for puzzling

(anag. – e; Richard Morse)


Twisted pile carpet mite left me scratching rash

(anag. – l,me; Tim Moorey)


Under pressure, film director turned in something formulaic and rushed

(P + Tati (rev.) in recipe; John Tozer)

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