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On Tour by Phi

In each of four clues there is a word not required for solving the clue.  The answer to the clue has to have a pair of letters changed for another pair, giving the entry, which is defined by the surplus word.  The original pairs, in clue order, spell out a man’s surname; the new pairs, in the same order, but starting at a different clue, spell the title of one of his creations.

Four unclued across answers are defined by one four-letter word; four unclued down answers by another.  The across word followed by the down word gives the same title.

A number of proper nouns are not Chambers headwords, though most do occur somewhere amongst definitions, etymologies and appendices.  One answer is an alternative title to that given in the relevant Chambers entry.

Solvers were asked to submit a normal clue to the 8-letter title.


1          Propeller limiting a radical airborne operation (8)

5          Unrefined person beginning to sneer – what you’d expect of a tosser? (4)

8          Postpone disagreeable note about lover and stay (7)

10        Harm, if throttling without principle (5)

11        Carry on with a goddess (4)

12        What’s found back in remote, bleak river? (4)

13        Ferns sailor found beside banks, nothing less (7)

15        Spades brought in to snatch fruit (4)

17        University lecturer taking month to snatch it back – last month? (6)

18        Subjects for linguists’ skills, with investment of energy (6)

21        Observed non-standard fruit (4)

23        Series showing a delicacy never met with in Scotland (7)

25        A lot of people ignoring very loud respiratory symptom (4)

27        Response to spiteful comment or act of cutting around end of soiree (4)

28        Describing house party, chap tails off early (5)

29        Rings waterbirds while about Northern rambles (7)

30        Line omitted by continental man (4)

31        Further contents of pantos lately recalled (4)



2          No longer stir up approval, having ceded power to American (6)

3          Farewells – one I have spoken mostly around European Union (6)

4          Some food also supplied by Scottish estates (5)

5          Man in series, mere broadcaster (5)

6          Lord expending Duke’s gold for overseas party (4)

7          Excessive excitement when surrounded by soldiers with bravery award (6)

8          Guesses mosquito will circle Queen (6)

9          Psalm detail worked out in rood loft over top of organ (8,3)

13        Sacred syllable a problem in bible? (6)

14        Girl ditching judo costume? That’s wizard (4)

16        Attitude linked to Northern Scots golf club? (4)

17        King in Arab region seen with one in regal style? (6)

19        Plush fabric? Have little left for us (6)

20        Plant of Musa genus, many of which can produce nuts (6)

22        Word’s out about hot TV show (5, 2 words)

23        Maintain reticent person will accept one cigar (5)

24        Runs from monument some distance (4)

26        See about mass of trees (4)






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