Apex 2010 solution


RIDE, PIKE, LANE and MOTORWAY are all forms of ROAD; POMP, DEMONSTRATE, EXPOSE and REVEAL all define SHOW, giving ROADSHOW.  SOJOURN/ADJOURN, WANDERS/WASHERS, SHEER/SOWER and CLAIM/CLARO give the pairs SO/ND/HE/IM and AD/SH/OW/RO.  Redundant words in clues follow the notes to the relevant clues.

Sondheim was 80 in 2010; ROADSHOW is his most recent show, and, as it postdates Eric Chalkley’s death, Apex never had a chance to commemorate it.

For anyone who is interested, EUAN appears as one of ‘Some first names’, ELBE under LUSATIAN and POLABIAN, and DR WHO under DALEK.  The English choral tradition generally seems to prefer Psalm 100 to be called JUBILATE DEO rather than what Chambers suggests (e.g. Britten’s setting).


1          PARADROP; a rad in prop

5          SLOB; s lob

8          SOJOURN (ADJOURN); jo in sour n; postpone

10        MAXIM; x in maim

11        WAGE; w a Ge

12        ELBE; hidden rev.

13        OSMUNDS; OS m(0)unds

15        RASP; S in rap

17        ULTIMO; it (rev.) in U L mo

18        ARGOTS; go in arts

21        SEED; 2 mngs.

23        CATENAE; cate nae

25        RALE; ra(ff)le

27        MEOW; e in mow

28        DOMAL; do mal(e)

29        WANDERS (WASHERS); N in waders; rings

30        EUAN; Eu(rope)an

31        ALSO; hidden rev.



2          ARAISE; A for P in praise

3          ADIEUX; EU in a dix(i)

4          ODALS; hidden

5          SHEER (SOWER); he in ser; broadcaster

6          LUAU; Lu(D) Au

7          ORGASM; as in OR GM

8          AREDES; R in Aedes

9          JUBILATE DEO; anag. in jube + o

13        OMASUM; om a sum

14        MAGE; Mag(gi)e

16        AIRN; air N

17        URAEUS; R in UAE + us & lit.

19        VELOUR; ‘ve l our

20        BANANA; 2 mngs.

22        DR WHO; h in anag.

23        CLAIM (CLARO); I in clam; cigar

24        COSS; c(r)oss

26        ELMY; m in Ely

The winning clues to ROADSHOW were:


Rash Woods getting end away badly hit performances on tour

(anag. – s; Tim Moorey)


Moving performance in play draws ‘ooh!’

(anag; John Tozer)


Mobile company bills stop breaking bank

(ads ho! in row; Roger Phillips)

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