Apex 2011 solution


The clue types are nested: six misprints within two groups of three Spoonerisms, within two groups of three normal clues…within two groups of the Printer’s Devilry clues.  The structure mirrors that of David Mitchell’s novel CLOUD ATLAS (6 24), which, at the time of setting, was expected to be released as a film in 2011 (2012 is now suggested).  Another Mitchell novel, GHOSTWRITTEN, was the clue word given by misprints and latent letters.


1             ESTREPE; PD; b/at

7             SURD; PD; sa/e

11           SCOW; PD; Ri/ley

12           PLUN(G)ER; LL; plun(d)er

13           SOUT(H)END-ON-SEA; LL; out end in anag.

14           M(O)N(O)C(O)QUE; LL; MN + Q in cue

16           DREAD; DLM; Dead rats

17           ADVERB; DLM; bad? Very

19           SANGAREE; DLM; As green as

20           SASTRUGA; Normal; stru(t) in saga

23           OPERAS; Normal; 0 + anag.

25           GELID; Normal; e.g. (rev.) + lid

27           ATOLLS; Spoonerism; ll in at o s; lands in brine

29           REBELLIOUSLY; Spoonerism; bell I 0 in anag; in Cade’s mode

30           I’LL SAY; Spoonerism; SA in illy; Count me in

31           YEAR; Misprint; ye a r; Seasons

32           CLEF; Misprint; c lef(t); piTch

33           LAUS DEO;  Misprint; anag. – t; peWs



1             ESSE; Misprint; hidden; coRe

2             SCOURS; Misprint; s cours(e); dIrt

3             TOUT ENSEMBLE; Misprint; out in tens + emble(m); casT

4             EMENDS; Spoonerism; em ends; makes finer

5             PONCEAUS; Spoonerism; once in paus(e); red dyes

6             CLOUD; Spoonerism; clou D; much dust

8             UNSTERILISED; Normal; anag.

9             REEF; Normal; cf. free

10           DRABBET; Normal; drab bet

14           MANTRA; DLM; ran tamely

15           EVADES; DLM; Eve’s admirer

17           ANGELICA; DLM; Article again

18           ESO(T)ERIC; LL; e so Eric

21           A(E)GLOGU(E); LL; g log in Au

22           BIPLA(N)E; LL; I alp (rev.) in be

24           ATLAS; PD; co/t

26           WELL; PD; do/ing

28           TYRO; PD; ri/les

The winning clues to GHOSTWRITTEN were:


The worst thing about leaving husband is going out under a different name

(anah. – h; John Tozer)


From another pen, loosed hogs run in country lane

(anag. + r in twitten; Roger Phillips)


Worth setting on fire – like some celebs’ books

(anag; Chris Brougham)
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