Apex 2012

An object lesson in checking your files properly, this one.  Nothing the matter with the puzzle, but see the solution for why.

Apex 2012

So Many? By Phi

Most clues are normal.  Seven clues give the wordplay for one word and the definition of another, the two words differing in a consistent way – the shorter word, however clued, is the entry, and is given by the answer length in brackets.  Three clues have a misprint in the definition – the correct letters in presented order spell out the word involved in the above difference.  Solvers should observe that the answers to these three clues can be extended in the same way as the other seven.

Solvers were asked to submit a new clue to any of the three words clued with misprints, but instead in the style of the seven other special clues.  That gives six options, as each of the three words can be clued with either the entry as definition and the longer version as wordplay, or vice versa.


1             Assured Shakespearean resolute in capturing Henry (6)

5             Express, half abandoned, recalled British Rail (6)

9             Totally beguiled, recording increase (6)

10           Girl’s husband, occupying a bunk, turned over (5)

12           Corrupt and secretive around Zanzibar (6)

13           Stop army officer becoming drunk (5)

14           Sprain for some is twisting left ankle, ultimately (4)

15           Explosion of anger in the trial (7)

16           A copper almost completely grabbing it, in effect (6)

19           Circles golfer chasing some golf (8)

21           John departs aboard historic fleet under artificial light (8)

28           Swimmer – this writer’s run one out of the sea (6)

29           Punishing Charles in gaol, initially (7)

30           Name for damp part of Asian nation (4)

31           Group of mates I encountered in misfortune (5)

32           Capital city in South Africa, beside hill there, on reflection (6)

33           Mixed up old and new, investing energy (5)

34           Crowd and company returned as a smallish group (6)

35           Monstrance, unusually large, unusually rosy (6)

36           Skull tissue to intrigue when injected into organic compound (6)


1             Non-standard silk – what’s behind importing it? (6)

2             Misery about contemporary gallery following twisted course (7)

3             Snake-symbol’s energy absorbed by ancient god (name forgotten) (6)

4             Stomachs final character appearing in G&S (8)

5             Detective brought up a French prisoner (6)

6             Warmed Scots soldiers in Slough (6)

7             Loose rocks surrounding it – limestones? (7)

8             A great many corralling Northern oxen (5)

11           Resounded no longer? Not right, just not at first (4)

17           Pre-Union Scots soldier last to leave country that’s not working (8)

18           Grasses with Scottish rock on bottom (7)

20           Energy from Western state entirely used up for plainsman (7)

22           Gold and lust, say, leading to love, according to Shakespearean hero (6)

23           Line containing negative comment about verse’s last words (6)

24           Unnecessarily mention cloth clutched in upraised fist (6, 2 words)

25           Collar coated in rubber? Inexcusable (6)

26           Fool’s a brief time attending school (5)

27           Those familiar to Macbeth not initially escaping his title (4)


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