Apex 2012 solution

The thing is, if you’re going to do a puzzle marking your tenth creation, it might be best to check it isn’t the eleventh.  It was only in setting up the pages on this site that I discovered that I only had paper copies of the very first puzzle, so my quick count of the annually dated folders on my computer was – um – wrong.  But it’s still a good puzzle, I think, even if it’s a year late.


There were ten words that could be extended by the inclusion or addition of the word TEN.  Seven were clued by a mix of wordplay for one and definition for the other.  The other three were clued with misprints, the correct letters of which, in order, also spelled TEN.

Clues could be to one of (TEN)SILE, AN(TEN)NA or SHOR(TEN)ED.


1             THOUGH(TEN); H in tough

5             DESORB; deso(late) + BR (rev.)

9             EPRISE; EP rise

10           THORA; h in a rot (rev.)

12           SLEAZY; EAZ in sly

13           COLON; Col on

14           SILE; is (rev.) l e; sTrain

15           HEAR(TEN)ING; anag.

16           ACTUAL; ‘t in a Cu al(l)

19           ROUNDELS; round Els

21           FLOODLIT; loo d in flit

28           MERMAN; me r ma(I)n

29           CHAS(TEN)ING; Chas in g

30           ANNA; hidden; damE

31           HARIM; I in harm

32           ZAGREB; ZA + berg (rev.)

33           MEINT; e in mint

34           OCTUOR; rout Co (all rev.)

35           OS(TEN)SORY; OS + anag.

36           DIPLO(TEN)E; plot in diene


1             TUSSAH; SA in tush

2             HELICAL; ICA in hell

3             URAEUS; e in Ura(n)us

4             GIZZARDS; izzard in G S

5             DETENU; Det + une (rev.)

6             SHORED; OR in shed; warNed

7             OOLITES; it in anag.

8             BAN(TEN)GS; n in bags

11           RONG; (w)rong

17           ANTENATI; ant e nati(on)

18           JOWARIS; jow aris

20           LLANERO; Ore(go)n all (all rev.)

22           ORSINO; or sin 0

23           LENVOY; v in no in ley

24           DRAG UP; rag in pud (rev.)

25           UN(TEN)ABLE; nab in ule

26           SCHMO; Sch mo

27           THAE; tha(n)e


Winning clues (as it happens, all to SHOR(TEN)ED)

1st        Thematic answers are entered thus, otherwise parts discarded  (Roger Phillips)

2nd       Concise abandoned OED’s earliest items of historical rarity (Jonathan Crowther)

2nd       “The Beach: Director’s Cut”  (Ross Beresford)

3rd        Putting five hundred on skittish horse lowered its odds (Kevin McDermid)


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