Apex 2013

Although this puzzle is appearing on the site in 2014, you may find it helpful to remember that it was circulated just before Christmas 2013.



Anniversary Crossword by Phi

Clues are presented as pairs – two clues run together, with the definition and wordplay for the first preceding that for the second.  With one exception, the two clues in each pair are separated by a single redundant word – the initial letters of these words in the presented order spell out a thematic publication.  Each pair of clues, which are in no particular order in relation to the grid, leads to answers which cross in the diagram (bar one, asterisked, which leads to two adjacent down answers) – solvers will have to fit answers in jigsaw-wise.  The obelus indicates a clue where both answers are of two words.

Two consecutive across answers are unclued – these form the name that was the basis of the annual clueing competition.


Named tug went first navigating river not entirely unfathomed

German judge, with judge’s garb, exonerated rival crook about stupid Russian

Endless stir after one brought in fawn, hairy, with goose, trimmed, to finish gourmet

“Metallic compound polluted hut…” – story-teller curtailed yarn as I pulled back girl

Clear cryptic clues in notes in restaurant occupied girl having no woman’s magazine

High Anglican represented in chocolate rebuked African people’s painful game after Priest leaves

Number of notes – new German money and English – provide wherewithal for endless amusement

*Fly collections into Thailand and Spain knowing a couple will collect most of antique style of dressing

European tree and grain: the Spanish want tenant farmer’s conclusion with new tree under development

Folio has ragged hole in cover kept till death of idle crackpot retaining certain description of the idle

Workers accepting female arguments regarding neckwear (male, incomplete)

Mature gossip about journey by boat likely recalled journeys involving one promise to go round lake in spooky area

River calms round entry to harbour daring poor person to seize your primitive stuff

PDF of puzzle


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