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Disorder by Phi

Fourteen clues are Letters Latent: the definition leads to a word from which one letter, wherever it occurs, has been removed to form the grid entry, which is what is indicated by wordplay.  The word spelled by the latent letters in clue order, coupled with the unclued phrase at 22 identifies a concept which, in a broad interpretation, explains how six other entries, all real words or phrases, are derived from their clue answers (also all real words or phrases).  Remaining clues are normal.  Word lengths relate to grid entries throughout, but indications such as ‘2 words’ may refer to clue answer or derived grid entry.

The seven-letter word naming the concept mentioned above was the word to be clued.  The winning clues appear at the end of the solution notes.


1             Stupid limitations for one going round vehicle (5)

5             Reduction in balance very little short of deleterious effect (7)

11           Scottish fish without tail found behind power boat (4)

12           Reject going to each stop on a sea voyage (6, 2 words)

13           A lot of verse involves singular attitudes (7)

14           Excel in Shakespeare – translation of Proust’s not special (5)

15           Electronic device pressed into support (7)

16           That woman subsequently upset by a flavoured tobacco (7)

17           Mill fittings seemed nearly gutted after rotation (4)

18           Clan leader in defeat is taken aback (6)

22           Unclued (12, 3 words)

26           Problems I had when turning over meadows (6)

28           Ingenious item in stock (4)

30           Aussie fool cracking ministry’s architectural feature (7)

32           Legal charitable process setting limits on charity getting present (7, 2 words)

34           Tip of tongue pressed to cheek no longer supplying vocal tone (5)

35           I raid sea and river, bagging gold (7)

36           Extra cut leads to the writer returning historic award (6)

37           Vessel offloading 51 in case (4)

38           Dead plant recalled around section that’s arid (7)

39           River succeeded in entering lake (5)


1             Resist unconcealed cut involving Chambers (6)

2             Mate going over University barrier, provoking clamour (8)

3             Stop writers engaging in second employment (8)

4             Puts off disposing of Department records (5)

5             One engaged in research taking hour instead of day after the event (7, 2 words)

6             I will have a note for you in violet ink? (8)

7             Volume that’s filled with rue, pushing out last of another herb (5)

8             Drug study limited by requirement for secrecy (7)

9             Time to fill dictionary with blemishes (4)

10           Aristocrats dismissing book Crowns in History (6, 2 words)

19           Advantage having recipe in store (not quite suitable for fish dish) (8)

20           Irish politician’s expression of welcome about reformed law – pressure of public opinion? (8, 2 words)

21           Sports involving fashionable girls with pert demeanours (8)

23           Reduction in demand reversed for snakes (7)

24           Ordinary officer restraining lads at sea – here’s one such (7, 2 words)

25           Uncovered relative disregarding last promotion (6)

27           Accord over note brought forward by environmentalist? (6)

29           Tense prophet upset ashes? (5)

31           Unidentified object, strange devotional item (5)

33           Poet’s gone and trimmed song (4)

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