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THE SECOND LAW of THERMODYNAMICS is the one which can be interpreted as saying ‘Entropy always increases’.  The symbol for entropy is S: six answers containing single Ss saw those Ss doubled to form the associated grid entries – e.g. DESERT -> DESSERT.


1             OB(T)USE; bus in o(n)e

5             POISON; pois(e) on

11           PRAU; P rau(n)

12           (H)EAVE TO; ea veto

13           POSES; s in poes(y)

14           OUTP(EE)R; anag. – S

15           TETRODE; trod in tee

16           SHEESHA; she + anag. + a

17           (R)YNDS; s(eeme)d n(earl)y (rev.)

18           INKOSI; in KO + is (rev.)

26           DILE(MM)AS; I’d (rev.) + leas

28           NEAT; 2 mngs.

30           M(O)DILLI(O)N; dill in Min

32           CY PRES; c(harit)y pres

34           TWANG; t wang

35           MARAU(D)ER; Au in mare R

36           ADDEEM; adde(d) + me (rev.)

37           VASE; va(LI)se

38           DESERT; d + s in tree (rev.)

39           MERSE(Y); s in mere


1             OPPOSE; pos in ope(n)

2             BROUHAHA; bro U ha-ha

3             SUSPENSE; pens in s use

4             E(N)TERS; (D)eters

5             POST HOC; h for din post-doc

6             IANTHINE; I a n thine

7             S(A)VORY; v in sor(r)y

8             SECONAL; con in seal

9             (M)OTED; t in OED

10           NOLES; no(b)les

19           KEDGEREE; edge r in kee(p)

20           T(I)DAL WAVE; anag. in TD ave

21           GAMINES; in in games

23           ELAPIDS; dip in sale (all rev.)

24           OLD SALT; anag. in O Lt

25           UNCLAD; uncl(e) ad

27           (C)ONGREE; o + n to front in Green

29           TREES; t + seer (rev.)

31           (S)I(S)TRUM; it rum

33           YODE; yode(l)

Ah, yes, everyone loved ENTROPY as a clue word, one of those scientific concepts no-one quite grasps, and yet you have to define it concisely.  Things went very well, in fact – here are the winning clues and their authors (four this time as the last two were separable only by a hair):

1st        Greece’s latest new left backed end to austerity and measure of disorder?  (Philip Marlow)

2nd       What’s been grasped by scientists for centuries (not very well)? (Mark Goodliffe)

3rd        Rambunctious party, one with no adult present: it leads to chaos (Andrew Bremner)

4th        Erroneously type N or S? (Chris Lancaster)
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