Apex 2015


On the Other Hand by Phi

Six clues consist of two definitions plus wordplay for the grid entry.  The grid entry in each case is a set of letters which can be produced by dropping one letter from one defined answer, or by dropping a different letter from the other defined answer.  For example: Rather join one in NZ truck (4) gives UITE (I in ute) and definitions for (Q)UITE and U(N)ITE.  The pairs of letters (QN or NQ in the example) taken in presented order will form a 12-letter word.

In six cells in other entries the letters clash.  Solvers should enter both, but will need to determine the order so that, reading row by row, the pairs of letters spell the same 12-letter word.

All lengths in brackets are for grid entries.  Two proper nouns are not in Chambers (2014); one of them can be found in the ODE.


1              Fish basket, last in store, punctured like a sieve (5)

5              Cleaner pretended puddle reduced (7)

11           Regret a blight returning to do for acanthus plant (7)

12           Get long, though having yard trimmed (4)

13           Expression of commiseration about Right (very committed people) (10)

14           Work paint round into the middle (5)

15           Gypsy spirit, travelling road, mostly (7)

17           What’s among first names recalled as examples of industry? (4)

19           Old strand, short measure left from cotton yarn (6)

21           Key principle, a matter hard in Government (4)

22           Punished, we hear, for discovery (4)

24           Shock troops having no heart for dangerous moves (6)

27           P&O men not well paid (4)

29           Claim source of heat recalled in Hell? (7)

30           Exclamation of surprise – region mostly used for airport? (5)

31           Foul air guy found in smoke? It’s an exaggerated view (10)

32           Competitor missing latest opening for Scotland (4)

33           Terse reprimand postponed – no energy at all (7)

34           Look like curved letter (reduced type), all things taken together (7)

35           Antique portcullis on this site restraining last of invaders (5)


1              Historic carriage? He supports source of leather decorative work (6)

2              Article in sequence, with one chapter describing metal (8)

3              Ignores pound invested in financial firms (6)

4              Seeming to hear a Communist supports Spain (5)

6              Acclaiming waterfall in thrall to witch sharing hole (6)

7              A skill with pen picked up from the inside (7, 2 words)

8              Unisex couple, say, getting openings for gay and straight couples (5)

9              Such views on heresy are anti moves supporting Priest (8)

10           Number upset young fellow, head of group in form (6, 2 words)

16           Stay, that is, or stays, and so on (8)

18           Roofing support buried in shifting rubbish over trough (8)

20           Young animal bad Victorian docked adopted by librarian (7, 2 words)

22           Bill invested in fuel in Hackney (6)

23           People in Deep South putting uranium into dodgy alloy (6)

25           Hard, fishy substance beneath risen block at sea (6)

26           Small change in local pantry (6)

27           Greek leader’s vessel circling island (5)

28           Line that hurts disreputable, uneconomic American (5)

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