Apex 2015 solution



1              C(A)RIBE/CRIB(L)E; crib e

5              SHAMPOO; sham poo(l)

11           RUELLIA; rue + a ill (rev.)

12           EARN; (y)earn

13           HARDLINERS; r in hard lines

14           CHORE; cf. ochre

15           ZINGARO; zing + anag. – d

17           ANTS; hidden rev.

19           ENISLE; en (l)isle

21           HING(E)/(T)HING; h in G

22           FIND; ‘fined’

24           STUNTS; stun t(roop)s

27           POOR; P O OR

29           AVERNUS; aver + Sun (rev.)

30           O’HARE; oh! are(a)

31           CARICATURE; anag. + cat in cure

32           RIVA; riva(l)

33           LACONIC; lac(e) + on ic(e)

34           (R)ESEMBLE/E(N)SEMBLE; es emble(m)

35           HERSE; s in here


1              C(A)ROCHE/CROCHE(T); croc he

2              RUTHENIC; the in run + I c

3              BLANKS; L in banks

4              EARED; E a red

6              HA(I)LING/HAL(V)ING; lin in hag

7              AB INTRA; a + nib art (rev.)

8              MENGS; men g s

9              PATARINE; P + anag.

10           ON SONG; no (rev.) + son g

16           LINGERIE; linger i.e.

18           INTERTIE; inter(red) + tie

20           LION CUB; oncu(s) in lib

22           FIACRE; a/c in fire

23           YOU-ALL; U in anag.

25           UPHROE; up h roe

26           SPENCE; s pence

27           PRIAM; I in pram

28           LOUCH(E)/(S)LOUCH; l ouch

ALTERNATIVES was a much friendlier word to clue, though the counting of the votes as they came in was a rather different experience than usual.  As a result, there are four listed again this time.

1st        Naive starlet cast in “To Be or Not to Be”?     (Ross Beresford)

2nd        Endpoint for defendant even as trial collapses – Guilty or Not Guilty?   (Paul Henderson)

3rd        Wales after despatching Spain, hammer Israel at event  (David Giles)

4th        Variant letters could give these right? (Jeff Aronson)

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