Apex 2016

Plus One by Phi

12 clues lead to answers one letter shorter than the given length (one such answer is of two words; another is a relatively uncommon proper noun).  The grid entry in each case is an anagram of the clue answer plus an additional letter: e.g. LETTER + S => TRESTLE (one such entry is of two words).  12 other clues each contain a redundant word or phrase defining the 12 grid entries in no particular order.  The 12 additional letters in clue order give a 2-word phrase defining a very specific further example of the gimmick, an 8-letter word which will also appear diagonally in the grid when the barred-off squares are correctly filled.


1              More than one undertaker complains, burying most of critic haphazardly (11)

11           Regret returning to America – cloudy, somewhat windy (5)

12           Frenchman abandoning his novel, looking red (4)

13           Saint, told of heavenly beings, rattled on (9)

14           Thailand brought in warning statements after old festival periods (8)

15           Short distance mate fails to complete following major road (7)

16           Scanning of brain expected to constrain pressure (4)

18           Have some food – European Parliament has lots of grain? (5)

20           Harbour 40% reduced, taken aback, clogged with record seaweed (6)

22           Member of crew, say, backed restricting hospital IT as way of pressurising management? (6)

23           Trainer’s control of horse box without much sense, skirting National (5)

24           Attractive and well-off, but ignored by female (4)

26           Indication of hideaway in the country (7)

28           Wit and anger making you cross (8)

31           Lake island beset by wind, one from an inland sea (9)

32           Theatrical villain, wise woman, one with a spell (4)

33           Bell note captured in Scottish film (5)

34           Marine creature, exhausted, accepting source of relief (11)


2              Local bloke married local individual (4)

3              Quarrels for some fellow generating heat over old hunting dogs (8)

4              Be louder than old finale with one overture from Rossini (7)

5              American University upset American, still rejecting Northern Irish woman (5)

6              Heat constrained by Arabian ventilator (5)

7              Village tree coming up through pillbox? (7)

8              Old fellow getting ahead of a new arrival in the end (4)

9              Minor niggles significantly reduced on both sides (5)

10           Think it all collapsed around end of performance, closely following climax (11, 4 words)

11           Playfulness? Almost observed joy around US state (11)

17           Writer prevents response from additional comments about new punishments (8)

19           Old robe amongst articles in Eastern scriptures (7)

21           Endless argument over US state’s salad vegetable (7)

25           University to go out around cold open volcano (5)

26           Inequality expert in Government in Italy (5)

27           Court, after opportune time for some, dismissing second choice (5)

29           American acquired guts, taking up historic garment (4)

30           Meadow trimmed first (4)

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