Apex 2017 solution

Letters not used in the pairings spelled CONCERTS.  The options for clue-writers were: CONCEITS, CONCENTS, CONCEPTS, CONCERNS, CONCERTI, CONCERTO, and CONVERTS.


1              SKIT; ski(R)t

4              REVISION (RECISION); noisier (rev.)

10           CARREL; r in care L

11           APOLLO; po in all o

12           APRIL; pr in ail

13           ALMUCES; LM U in aces

15           PRECESSES (PROCESSES); c in presses

17           MEANE; mean(I)e

18           LOESSIC; 0 in less ic(e)

22           CAUDLES (CANDLES); l in cades

23           OMBRE; mb in ore

27           INVENTIVE (INCENTIVE); anag. in I + even (rev.)

28           ONE-SHOT; nesh in too (rev.)

29           TANGS; cf. stang

30           RENTAL; (t)rental

31           TI TREE; tit ree

32           ADNATION; ad nation

33           EYOT; y in toe (rev.)


1              SCAPI; ap in sci

2              IRREMEABLE; REM in anag.

3              TRICK (ERICK); hidden

4              RELEASE; leas in ree

5              ELASTIC; sale (rev.) + tic(k)

6              VALSE; S in vale

7              SOUSED (SOURED); so + anag.

8              OLEANDER; n in o leader

9              NOSHERS; nos. hers

14           CHAPLAINRY; plain in chary

16           COMMUNED (COMMUTED); o MM in cue D

18           LEONORA; on in anag.

19           CAVETTO; cave + OTT (rev.)

20           QUENTIN; que(I)nt in

21           CRISTA (CRISSA); is in cra(g)

24           OVOLI; o Vol. 1

25           STATE; t in eats (rev.)

26           BESET; s(om)e in bet

In terms of the clues submitted, some options were more popular than others: CONCEITS (2), CONCENTS (0), CONCEPTS (4), CONCERNS (14), CONCERTI (2), CONCERTO (0), and CONVERTS (11).

The winning clues were:

1st        Smokers perhaps start to complain as soon as taverns bar interior fumes                                                              Richard Heald

2nd        Persuades unions nuclear sector must be reformed                                                                                                 Mick Hodgkin

3rd        £100 matters to unions                                                                                                                                               Mark Goodliffe

More than one gig is about £100                                                                                                                                Noel Jones

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