APEX 20th Anniversary Puzzle solution






Notes give, as appropriate: normal note; break point of PD; DLM letter mix; correct form of misprint; full word with omitted letters highlighted for Playfair clues.


10        SHOE; ‘s hoe; drAg

11        VAIRE; A RIVEr

12        (DE)LIGHT;

13        DENTEX; T in den ex

15        UPROOTED; anag. + E D

16        BANAT; cu/t

17        KOTYTTO; preTTY TOOK

20        SE(CK)EL;

22        HEROINE; he + I in r one; Lass

25        GOON; lin/e

28        ETTLE; (S)ettle

30        NUT-MEAL; M in anag.

31        VOWEL; vo(te) wel(l); lEtter

34        WEEKENDS; ken in weeds; relaX

36        CHOIRS; RICH SOprano

37        (PL)ANTAE;

39        (DR)EGGY;


1          TRIP; t (d)rip; dAy

2          IN(TE)GRATE;

3          OCHONE; ONCE HOnorable

4          SHATTER; S hatter

5          FOREKNOWLEDGE; be/st

6          RED-DOG; cleveR DODGE

7          OVERTONE; l/ed

8          MAN(QU)E;

9          PRESTEL; anag. + L

10        STOA; Thebe/s

14        TITE; hidden; Now

19        REHEARSE; H ear in rese(au)

21        ROUGHEN; th/ough

23        INVEIGH; anag. + (n)igh(t); worDs

24        STENTOR; referS TO RENT

26        (GR)OTTO;

27        HAWSER; haws ER; Rope

32        OKAY; a in (j)oky; surE!

33        FIRM; F + r in I’m

35        DAR(TL)E;
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