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This page will give links to a selection of my published puzzles.  I am grateful to the original publishers for permission to republish these – detailed acknowledgements of date of first publication, and links to appropriate websites will appear with each puzzle in turn.

I am starting by putting up some of my earliest puzzles, which means looking back thirty years or more, though I’ll follow this with my first puzzle for various regular outlets (a mere twenty years ago, then…).  There might, very occasionally, be an unpublished puzzle, depending on what I unearth in my records.  Where possible, I’ll put a few thoughts on the puzzle on the page as well – possibly also some for the solution, especially if the thoughts I have are in the nature of spoilers.

I’m aiming to update things fortnightly, though times like holiday periods might see more frequent updates.

Puzzles will be categorised under outlets.  There may be some playing around with the way links are structured as I add more puzzles.

Crossword Club

Independent: newspaper

Independent Magazine

Independent on Sunday: Beelzebub

Church Times


BBC Music Magazine


The European

Enigmatic Variations


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