BBC Music Magazine August 2005

This is a crossword published during the 2005 Proms season, and I’m adding it to the site during the 2014 season.  While most of my BBC crosswords start from whatever I happen to be listening to at the time once or twice a year I start from a different point.  One is the never-ending tussle to find new ideas for Christmas, the other is the Proms prospectus.  I can’t tell in retrospect whether this puzzle is the Proms puzzle of that year.  I never did work out the best month – July (when the Proms start), August (when they’re in full swing) or September (when they finish – but the September edition comes out in mid-August…) – but over the years generally gravitated towards August.  In any case, by chance this puzzle picks up a couple of the themes in the 2014 Proms season, so I’ll settle for a sense of unusual prescience.



8          Quartet backing control from cellist (8)

9          Make possible an extract from Kozena, blessedly (6)

10        Monarch’s jewels, the work of 6 (3,3,7)

11        Father playing Arnold in a conversational manner (8)

12        Organise equipment for Scottish folk group (6)

13        Soprano’s support enveloping a German composer (7)

16        Judge record – Handel’s overture? That’s incomplete Handel oratorio (7)

19        Wind player’s quavering effect lacking heart (6)

21        Fugal form initially carried with carrier waves (8)

24        Old coin, in British units, the work of 6 (5,8)

25        Man, say, occupying Rossini’s landing (6)

26        No church involved in reduced celebration of Russian wedding? (3,5)


1          This Ring’s glowing – French horn playing’s foremost in artistry (6)

2          13 role suited to a Middle Eastern jazz singer (8)

3          Moaning vaguely after avoiding a 20’s opera (6)

4          Organist continued audibly (7)

5          Takes further audition before end of course? Practice required (8)

6          Regulation upsetting to new composer (6)

7          Wagner character able (being devious) to get wealthy (8)

14        Tense version of Alceste in TV show (8)

15        Amorous music? Ear needs to adjust (8)

17        Beatle hit initially arranged by one offspring (8)

18        About to come in molto vibrato, quavering (7)

20        A composer, notwithstanding unfinished religious piece (6)

22        Fold about to appear in music container (6)

23        A mostly glossy piano? That’s out! (6)

PDF of puzzle

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