BBC Music Magazine August 2005 solution

In case anyone was wondering, the themes of this 2005 puzzle that resurfaced in the 2014 Proms season were William Walton (whose Violin Concerto reminded me that it is possible to bridge the apparent yawning void between Prokofiev and Elgar) and Richard Strauss (whose sesquicentenary it is).  I think the motive for this puzzle was simply noticing that Walton’s two coronation marches are both 13 letters long.  Playwright: nice words; composer: good titles for pieces; crossword setter: ooh, look, the same length…




8          FOURNIER; four + rein (rev.)

9          ENABLE; hidden

10        ORB AND SCEPTRE;

11        PARLANDO; pa + anag.

12        RUNRIG; run rig

13        STRAUSS; S + a in truss

16        JEPHTHA; J EP H tha(t)

19        FLUTER; flu(t)ter

21        RICERCAR; anag. inc. c

24        CROWN IMPERIAL; crown + Imperial

25        ISLAND; hidden

26        LES NOCES; no CE in less


1          CORONA; cor on a

2          ARABELLA; Arab Ella

3          MIGNON; anag. – a

4          PRESTON; ‘pressed on’

5          REHEARSE; re-hears e

6          WALTON; law (rev.) + to n

7          ALBERICH; anag. + rich

14        TELECAST; t + anag.

15        SERENADE; anag.

17        HARRISON; h arr I son

18        TREMOLO; re in anag.

20        THOMAS; tho Mas(s)

22        CREASE; re in case

23        ASLEEP; a slee(k) p


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