BBC Music Magazine August 2008

This is simply a puzzle plucked from one of my files: puzzle 194 in the ongoing series.  My thanks to BBC Music Magazine for permission to republish it.  Please check out the magazine here.  (Their choice of Elder’s version of The Apostles as Recording of the Year has persuaded me to give the later Elgar oratorios another go.)




6          Humour, Tim Rice musical, Swedish group – most ingredients of the wild night out? (7,7)

9          Elgar mixed a drink (5)

10        Meat and quantity of drink in city of culture? (9)

11        Criminals, strange, very strange, found in G&S (9)

12        A German article about Latvia’s foremost harmonica player (5)

13        Premiere for Nono – Italy’s upset, unpleasantly (7)

15        Fool cracked gift, a woodwind instrument (7)

17        French composer using bass in dance (5)

19        Grofé worked with this, showing precaution (9)

21        Has to accept Prohibition era dances (9)

22        Slow movements? Here’s advanced one (5)

23        Composers suffering the effects of 9? (6,3,5)


1          Works in opera, garnering name for productions (8)

2          Difficult job dismissing English and American singers (6)

3          Ancient instrument – misguided players will grasp rear of it (8)

4          Trumpet components very apparent in depressions (6)

5          Albeniz and de Falla, say, taking lead from some Russians (8)

6          Composer with wrong flag waving in front of him, possibly (12)

7          Peer’s problem, applying little time to electoral list (5)

8          Woodwind player a couple of times  in recitals, possibly (12)

14        I left two articles about Ring and operetta (8)

15        Bid organs play, giving a source of inspiration for Messiaen (4,4)

16        Keyboard player getting nasty roasting (8)

18        Composer locating bass in spot at funeral (5)

19        Wood’s extravagant fortes? (6)

20        Solomon taking on board end of etude only (6)






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