BBC Music Magazine August 2008 solution

The clues to this one included a rare example of a sort of inversion.  Normally, when faced with a ‘non-musical’ word (like, say, GANGSTERS, here) I will work the wording round to give a musical flavour.  Here TROLL received a clue that apparently had no musical content, but the reference to ‘Peer’ was intended to send solvers back to one of the most famous classical lollipops – Grieg’s In the Hall of the Mountain King from his incidental music to Peer Gynt.



6          WITCHES’ SABBATH; wit Chess Abba th(e)

9          LAGER; anag.

10        LIVERPOOL; liver pool

11        GANGSTERS; anag. in G & S

12        ADLER; L in a der

13        NASTILY; N + anag.

15        BASSOON; ass in boon

17        REBEL; B in reel

19        FORESIGHT; anag.

21        HABANERAS; ban era in has

22        LENTI; lent I



1          STAGINGS; tag in sings

2          CHORUS; chor(e) US

3          PSALTERY; t in anag.

4          VALVES; v in vales

5          IBERIANS; (S)iberians

6          WOLFGANG RIHM; anag. + anag.

7          TROLL; t roll

8          CLARINETTIST; anag. inc. t,t

14        IOLANTHE; O in I l an the

15        BIRD SONG; anag.

16        ORGANIST; anag.

18        BIBER; B in bier

19        FOREST; anag.

20        SOLELY; e in Solly

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